Music Technician

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Problems in Music

Finally, it's the end of the semester. So many things happened to me this semester. Especially, it was so sad that my computer died. Anyway, when I came in this class first time, I couldn't catch the point of this class. Why is this class called "Problems in Music"? I kept asking this question to me ans it was also my goal understanding terms of Html, Flash, web authoring. Now, I think I can understand.
I learned how to make flash, how to use Dream Weaver, Front page. Before I took this class, I had no idea about web authoring and how powerful, helpful it is. However, taking this class made me think carefully about my point of view of web authoring.
I'm satisfying what I made during this semester, because I've never tried to make my own web site and I thought I don't need it. How stupid I was~!! By having my own web site, I can introduce my personal works, thoughts to everyone. Besides they can comment me about my works and thoughts. For me, it is such a big development.

I've been thinking how I can apply Flash to my major. For the general web authoring, we can make our web site as fancy as we can. By using Flash, everyone can be a professional web author without any real professional web author. For music educators and in the performing arts professions, Flash is very useful way to teach and learn in music. For example, we can apply Flash to presentation and it's very easy to understand the point of the presentation. Because it's very colorful and dynamic. Also we can make our resume by using Flash. It's no more boring.

I'd like to comment on Maria, Catherine and Ying Ying. I'm so impressed by Maria's web site. It's well designed, sophisticated and fancy~! Really awesome~!! also gradually appearing text is just great. I really like visiting Catherine's blog. I can always see new posts which is also always interesting and to make me think and it's been pleasure to know her thoughtful way to view of the world. Ying Ying's web site is so colorful and cute. If I have a friend who wants to trip to New york, I definitely let her know Ying Ying's web site~~!! I can't imagine how long it took her to customize. There are lists of place of sightseeing and shopping and it is linked to their own web site. How convenient it is!!

I won't let me stop doing it even if the semester is over. Now, I'm planning so many things for my web site. I got really excited~!! Thank Dr. Gilbert and Chianan Yen for letting us learn these useful stuffs.

Monday, April 16, 2007

What a miserable day~!!

I've been pretty sick over the last weekend. I had a cough, dizziness, headache and fever, even I totally lost my voice. Still I have a cough but am getting over it now.
Because I was so sick, I couldn't do anything. Unfortunately, After I got better, the things waiting for me were all of documents which had to be done by 13th, Friday. First, I had to prepare some documents for getting an Italy Visa. It was really tedious. Second, I had to get a social security card to get paid from department for The Magic Flute. I only had 2 days for getting a social number because nobody told me that I need it before I started having rehearsals for The Magic Flute. It drove me crazy. I went to OISS to get a permission letter early in the morning, and went to the social security office to get a receipt. After I got the receipt, I went to the career center to confirm that I've done and ready to get paid but it wasn't finished!! I had to meet tax specialist~!!
When I've done everything, I was so happy, flying to the sky !! miserable I am....when I got home, I tried to do my assignments for the class and turned on the computer. It took just a second that my computer was crushed down~!! The monitor was all black and didn't work at all. Still I can't fix my computer.....what a sad day......I have everything in my memory, photos, music, works.....
I must tell you that It's not only me whose computer is crushed down. It can be you. You should always save your important things in other place such a CD-Rom, USB..etc...
If I fix my computer, I will never ever save my stuff in the computer.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flash assignment 3

In the class, I learned about button action script and wanted to apply it by my self when I got back home. So, I made this. While I was making this flash, I found that if I want my flash goes back to first scene, I can use the term 'prevScene'. I think it's very useful term. Oh, by the way, Sweet Rain is the meaning of my name 'Danby' in Korean. Isn't it pretty? :)

This is so cool~!

Nowadays, I'm learning about GIF file. Does this can be that kinds of things? By using this technique, everybody can be a professional musician. I want to figure it out how they made it. Can I use GIF animated program to make this?

Are You Stage Frightened?

Today, I want to talk about Stage Fright. I'm stage frightened all the time when I have a concert, even I imagine terribly before the concert. It's like what if I ruin my solo awfully during the concert? then I start to be nervous. I try not to think about that kind of night mare , but it keeps chasing me whenever I have a concert no matter what the concert is big or small. I keep thinking about destroying the music. Somebody said that it's because I don't have any confidence. That's right, they're right, then, how can I have the confidence? Does it solve everything about fear? While I'm looking for the solution I found very useful site for stage fright.
Tonight, I finally finished the half of the concert which I have to perform in this semester successfully, even though I still have stage fright, I'm sure it's getting better little by little. You know why? Because there are lots of useful and helpful information in the internet.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flash assignment 2

Today, in the class I learned how to make a button which is when we push it, it plays music or movie. I found this lecture more complicated than last week. It's really confusing. Especially, I'm not a Mac user, so it makes me more difficult. Anyway, I did it finally and as same as last assignment, you can check my work at my homepage. Come with me~!

Flash assignment 1

Learning about Flash is really exciting~!! I made mini animation for assignment and tried to embed here but I couldn't. So, I uploaded it to my NYU homepage, you can click and watch my small work.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

igor falecki drummer -4 years old

He is only 4 year-old boy~

I found this video while I'm netsurfing. He is great~!!

I love percussion even though my major is clarinet. Actually I tried to learn drum but it was so hard so I gave up.

Now, I want to learn again after watching this video.


At the first time when I heard this term "Web2.0", I had no idea and still I'm in trouble with this term. Taking this kind of class is totally fresh to me and made me overwhelmed, so I took a few days to serch about Web2.0. The definition of the term "Web2.0" -It's depending on my sense of understanding, so I'm not sure whether this is right or not-is more creative and flexsible then Web1.0. We can be more active using computer and internet, what I mean is when we used Web1.0, we couldn't do nothing just sitting in front of the computer and reading and absorbing information which the subject such as a big company offered; however, as we are facing Web2.0, we found so many things that we can creat information needed by ourselves. We are no more just absorber, we are creater and subjects. By being used to Web2.0, we'll learn more and more and be more creative.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Finally, I have my own blog~
I'm so happy with this event; however, it took so long~!!
I'm getting tired now because it's 4 am. I don't think I can do well in this course T.T. The reason why is that computer is really difficult so I feel like, If I do something wrong, my computer will be broken!! and another's English~!!English bothers me. I hope it's getting better little by little while I'm taking this class~!
Cheer up Danby, you can do it!!!